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Since its formation in 2005, The Bergen Pipe Band has provided free tuition in bagpiping and drumming. Players of all ages - 11 years old and older are welcome to join the band. We are proud of our friendly and welcoming atmosphere within our group and are happy to invite new members - either current bagpipers and drummers, other musicians wishing to try something new (we have several multi-instrumentalists already!), or total beginners! Tuition and band practices take place at The International School of Bergen, Sletten.

We provide tuition to help you to learn to play 'The Great Highland Bagpipe', pipe band snare, tenor or bass drum for free - and hope that our time investment spent helping you will be reinvested by yourseles with a committment in assisting the band grow and move forward in the years ahead!

The band has strong links with a number of Buekorps battalions in Bergen - regularly performing for anniversary events and end of year parades. We have even managed to recruit a number of ex-buekorps drummers over the years! Are you a buekorps drummer who wishes to learn to play the pipe band snare drum?

Learning to play either the bagpipes or drums is a long term committment! There is no fast track way to being able to play any of our instruments - though there are some who make quicker progress than others! Beginners (even those with no previous musical background), who are able to regularly attend band practice and who practice effectively outwith, can generally progress from the practice chanter (for learing bagpipes) and drum pad (for snare drum) to the main instruments, within 12 months. Learners will be expected to be able to play a number of tunes/drum scores, by heart, before being permitted to progress to the full instruments!

Further progression and inclusion as a full active player within the performing band takes between 1 - 2 years depending upon which instrument you choose and how quickly you progress!



16.00 - 20.00


Vilhelm Bjerknesvei 15, 5081 Bergen

(Opposite Sletten Senter + Sletten Bybanen)



C/O Chris Jones

Nedre Varåsen 6

5210 Os, Norway


Tlf:  (+47) 416 65 057

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