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The Bergen Scottish Tartan was designed by Chris Jones in 2005 to be worn by members of The Bergen Pipe Band. The Bergen Scottish Society was also given permission to wear the tartan.  It is based upon Chris' own family tartan - The Jones Tartan designed by Rosalind Jones with input from Peter MacDonald.  It is registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority.  The tartan incorporates the design and colours of the Norwegian flag, and the colours of the Saltire of Scotland (The Scottish flag with the cross of St. Andrew).  The Saltire can be viewed if the tartan is rotated through 45 degrees!  The green symbolises the lands of both Norway and Scotland, with the black representing their rocky coastlines, and the blue being the sea off their coasts.  Permission to wear the tartan can be sought either from Chris Jones as the designer and copyright owner, The Bergen Pipe Band, or from The Bergen Scottish Society.

Designed by Rosalind Jones with input from Peter MacDonald,the Jones Tartan (Reg. Design No. 602573). Intended for all of the name Jones and introduced to raise money for National and International Charities. Dalgliesh swatch. "The Jones Tartan was created for any person (or place) by the name of Jones in Wales, England, and Scotland or anywhere in the world. The design symbolises Jones roots in Wales and the name's global spread. The heart of the sett reflects the green and white of the Welsh flag with its red dragon. From Wales people with the name of Jones moved to England, represented by pale green together with the red and white cross of St. George. Many Scots bear the name of Jones, and Scotland is represented by the blue and white perimeter. When viewed diagonally this creates the cross of St. Andrew, the Scottish saltire The black band represents the ocean deeps that separate all the people named Jones who now live far from Britain but whose roots remain here.




16.00 - 20.00


Vilhelm Bjerknesvei 15, 5081 Bergen

(Opposite Sletten Senter + Sletten Bybanen)



C/O Chris Jones

Nedre Varåsen 6

5210 Os, Norway


Tlf:  (+47) 416 65 057

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